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About the LD Connect Toolbox

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To unleash the potential of LD Connect data we are working in close collaboration with our users to develop a suite of powerful semantic search tools to query and visualize data: the LD Connect Toolbox. Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, we are constructing discovery tools that can unlock the relationships and patterns embedded in the data — and help accelerate research.

The following tools are currently in proof of concept (PoC) stage and are ready for you to explore:

Keyword Finder: Intelligently expand the scope of your search

Enter a keyword to identify similar keywords as well as generate a list of relevant published papers.

Paper Finder: Easily identify papers with similar content

Just enter a paper title to produce a list of similar papers.

Reference Finder: Avoid overlooking important related work

Paste an abstract into the search box to explore papers that could be used as references.

Entity Finder: Uncover relationships and minimize ambiguity

Find related authors, papers, journals or organizations by selecting the appropriate category.

Reviewer Finder: Increase the likelihood of finding qualified peer reviewers

Match potential peer reviewers with content by adding an abstract or uploading the full paper.

We want to know what you think!

The LD Connect Toolbox is intended to help you reveal connections more easily from the IOS Knowledge Graph. Our tools are currently works in progress and by no means final. We invite you to explore LD Connect using these tools and send us your suggestions for additional tools. We welcome your feedback to start the discussion.

Under construction

We are building scientometric tools to visualize connections in the data. Sign up for news to stay informed.